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Why Us ?

Why Us?

We Do The Work For You

  • Our goal is to give our clients a home that is comfortable, caring, and affordable. We will assess our clients to learn about their medical and emotional needs, personality, interests, and hobbies.

  • We will explain any documents needed for admission, and clarify our clients financial responsibility to their home of choice.

  • We also offer transportation to our clients’ home of choice, assist in gathering any belongings, and provide emergency clothing if needed.

  • To maintain quality placement, we will followup on our clients, allowing families to truly understand our commitment to their loved ones happiness and well being.

What We Do

  •   GERI-ATRICS works with a wide variety of assisted living/personal care homes. Not all homes are alike. They all have different options and services available to assist consumers needs and care.

  • We have knowledge of which homes will
    accept difficult medical challenges, for example Alzheimers, Dementia, Incontinence, etc., and even the “not so elderly” who may require some
    assistance with everyday tasks.

  • We help people with limited income and those who may need emergency placement. GERI-ATRICS will provide you with an experienced, professional placement counselors, at no cost to you!


About Us

About Us

Founded in 1989

Founded in 1989 to provide assistance while making difficult decisions regarding assisted living and personal care home services.

Many people have questions.

What is an assisted living/personal care home?

What are the services they provide?

Can I afford an assisted living/personal care home?

Is an assisted living/personal care home an appropriate choice?

We are here to help answer these questions, and any more you may have, to help make the transition as pleasant as possible when a loved one can no longer live independently.


Over 17,000 Satisfied Families

 • Financial knowledge of Veterans benefits

and low income placement.
• Emergency Placement
• All ages welcome.

We also help the not-so elderly people too.
• Proudly serve our Veteran’s and the Homeless.
• Our counselors will negotiate the best pricing for you.

We are, not a franchise like Care Patrol and A Place for Mom which are “Big Business” and

only focus on the money aspect not you. 

Common Questions ?

 What type of housing or care do I really need?

Independent Living? Assisted Living?

A Personal Care Home?  Nursing Center?










Our Mission

Jerry Schwickrath Founder of GERI-ATRICS

Vice President of Placement at Landmark Manor

Founded Successful Activity, Pet Therapy and Adopt a Grandparent at Landmark.

Former Personal Care Home Administrator

Our Story

“I’ve been asked many times over the years on how I got started. I was the Director of Activities and Coordinator of Volunteer Services at Landmark Manor, a personal care home in Allison Park, PA. One afternoon I received a phone call from Divine Providence Hospital in Pittsburgh. They had a gentleman that needed a place to go, and wanted to come to Landmark Manor, but because of his income he was not accepted. I had to turn him down. Later as I was walking to my car, I began to feel bad about it. I decided to make some calls and begin reaching out. I was able to find him a place to go that he could afford. Upon doing so, I discovered that I had a talent for this line of work. In 1989, I stepped out on my own and founded GERI-ATRICS, and have been helping people ever since.”
Jerry Schwickrath, Founder of GERI-ATRICS 

Contact Us

Contact Us

Contact Us

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(412) 781-5298

GERI-ATRICS offers assistance and counseling on choosing an assisted living or personal care home.

Our service is not owned, operated, or affiliated with any assisted living or personal care home.

Our recommendations are completely impartial.


We maintain up-to-date information on all licensed assisted living

and personal care homes in the tri-state area.

We thoroughly research all recommended facilities to ensure

 compliance with State Licensing and quality requirements.

Contact Info

Address: 153 Roundtop Dr, Kittanning, PA 16201 Phone: (412) 781-5298 Email: jerryfromgeriatrics@hotmail.com Website: geri-atrics.com